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ROBOSCAN LiDAR is an Excellent 3D LiDAR for
Robot Vision, Vehicle ADAS, Security, and Object Detection.


[SF+AW 2022 PREVIEW] Robot-based Logistics Automation Essential Soluti…

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Writer NANOSYSTEMS Hit 749EA Date 22-12-14 08:47


Nanosystems, a high-tech sensor manufacturer, participates in 'Smart Factory + Automation World 2022 (SF+AW 2022)' and introduces 3D lidar Roboscan.

3D Lidar Roboscan measures the speed and distance of the object in front in real time, accurately recognizing the vehicle in front even in high-speed driving, and maintaining a safe distance by considering the expected time of collision.

In addition, it acquires and analyzes high-resolution 3D information on the front object in real time to effectively detect dangerous objects.

3D Lidar Roboscan is capable of real-time data processing based on ADAS edge computing used for autonomous driving of automobiles and unmanned transportation machines. It has IP67-level dustproof and waterproof performance, and is equipped with convenient ROI (target area) designation, lidar for driving robots, detection of obstacles in logistics vehicles, and object detection for avoidance robots.

Meanwhile, Smart Factory Automation World 2022 (Smart Factory+AutomationWorld 2022) is the largest smart factory and automation industry exhibition in Korea that uses the entire 1st and 3rd floors of COEX from April 6th to 8th. ), international factory automation exhibition (aimex), and Korea Machine Vision Industry Exhibition (Korea Vision Show).

'Smart Factory + Automation World 2022' hosted by Chemdan Co., Ltd., Korea Industrial Intelligence Association, Korea Machine Vision Industry Association, and COEX exhibits differentiated technologies, products, and solutions with 350 domestic and foreign companies participating. do. In particular, the smart factory model factory special hall welcomes visitors, and professional conferences with 200 sessions in 17 conferences, such as the 2022 Industrial Digital Transformation Conference, will be held.

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